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Developing consistently sound body mechanics takes years.  We coach Mechanics First => Then Consistency => Finally Intensity. What does this mean?  We focus first on sound body movement and then build on that foundation by encouraging kids to come in consistently, finally we ramp intensity for those that have put in the time and are sound movers. Find out more in our FAQ section.


High School

New students will spend the majority of time working on correct movement at body weight before weight is introduced.  Our classes are scalable so new students can workout next to experienced students and each one is challenged just enough to get results and continue to progress.  We ensure that students perform bodyweight-only exercises until they are able to complete reps with correct form. Only then will they be allowed to add weight.

As body weight movements become proficient, high schoolers will start to explore weights in the lift/strength portion of the class.  This aids in bone density, builds strength and self confidence.

We begin with a dynamic warm up including agility and balance to prep for the work portion of class.  Skills in all areas (gymnastics, bodyweight, and Olympic weightlifting) continue to be worked on.  Proper technique and form must be learned before adding any weight in the weight training portion of our class.  We have specific lifting equipment for kids so small weight increases can be made.

We then work on conditioning with the workout of the day (between 5-20 minutes) and end with mobility work done as a group to increase flexibility and range of motion.

As kids advance more complex gymnastics moves will be explored including:  muscle-ups, handstand walking, handstand push-ups.




Tuesday, Thursday


MIDDle School

This is a great  time to add strength-training especially if your child is in organized sports.

Again, we start with a dynamic warm up which  includes agility and balance and is specific to the daily program, we then practice a skill (planks, handstands, box jumps, hollow rocks). As body weight movements approach proficiency we will introduce a lift/strength with light loads – olympic weightlifting, squats, deadlifts and presses (they must learn proper form and technique before adding any weight). Our focus is still on correct movement ingraining the neurological pathways versus the amount of weight moved.  We have specific equipment suited to kids so very small  increases in weight can be used safely.

We finish the class with conditioning (10-15 mins) and mobility.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday




Kids Ages 8-11

This age group is all about building strength, endurance, speed, skill and confidence.

Like the other classes we start with a dynamic warm up which also includes agility and balance and is specific to the daily program, we then practice a skill (planks, handstands, box jumps, hollow rocks), we start to introduce weight exercises with a PVC and when proper form and technique is developed add dumbbells.

We always finish the class with conditioning (5-12 mins) and a game.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 


Weight Training - 7th - 12th grade

What am I going to do?

The focus is going to be on the deadlift and back squat. The plan is to make progressive gains so coming regular is key for this.

When do I come?

On Tuesday and Thursday.

7/8 Graders:

First attend the 4:15pm Middle School class on Tuesday and Thursday for general conditioning and stay for the 5:15pm Weight Training class.

At the middle school level, we are introducing  the fundamentals of the barbell lifts and   will often begin working with PVC pipe or 15-pound bar. Movements are practiced at the lightest loads, and initially our main focus is on cementing good movement. Cementing good movement is what leads to amazing gains as middle schoolers turn into high schoolers.

9-12 Graders:

Attend the Weight Training class at 5:15pm on Tuesday and Thursday and stay at 5:45pm for the second hour for the High School general conditioning class.

At the high school level, when you first come in we work on cementing good movement. As you progress and learn to neutralize your spine and brace we begin exploring weight. Teens that have been with us for a period of time begin moving significantly heavy weight for strength gains. 



Tuesday and Thursday

*In Addition to General Class

5:15 - 5:45pm

Regular attendance required



team Training

What happens when you give a team the ability to be stronger in what they do? 

Teams gain strength, are injured less, and become more aware of their bodies in their sport specific training. All this combined with a team that trusts each other that much more and has fun along the way. 

Teams practice all the time, sometimes with only a narrow routine. The variety of strength and conditioning is sometimes just what they need to get to the next level and make them stronger in ways they couldn't imagine. 

Teams Sonic has worked with:

Holy Names Rowing - 2017 Youth Lwt 4+ National Champions




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