Our Mission:

Move Everyday

We are Seattle's fundamental movement, strength & wellness training community offering a broad-based movement education and dedicated to developing strength and conditioning in teens and physical intelligence in kids.  

Located in the center of Wallingford


Our Mission

"We don’t believe our mission is to create the next great athlete, but rather to provide longevity and durability for kids to remain physically competent and engaged for their entire lives. Our focus on teaching good movement means we increase physical literacy and instill a lifelong love of fitness that will provide a basis for a healthy life not only for them but for their children too."

- Jeff Martin, Brand X Method

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“My daughter LOVES Sonic.  She comes home smiling and tells me about everything she accomplished that day.  They make it so fun! There is always music playing and the kids are smiling.  I can't recommend it enough."

-Annie, parent of 6th grade Sonic



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Teens and Kids move all the time and love doing it. Sonic builds on just that, giving kids their own place to be strong, have fun and build a community of friends. Becoming healthy and staying healthy is a happy byproduct of all this as well.


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years serving seattle

We have served over 300 Seattle youth since 2014.



Foundational GPP (General Physical Preparedness) Skills

Sonic focuses on giving kids and teens a strong physical literacy foundation so they have the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life. The ten skills are: STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, POWER, SPEED, COORDINATION, AGILITY, BALANCE, ACCURACY, ENDURANCE, STAMINA.






and counting Song requests!

Everything from Imagine Dragons to home town hero Macklemore.  Bring them in, we will play them while you move!