Our Mission

Our mission is to bring back everyday functional movement to kids lives and set them up with a foundation for lifelong health. With PE and recess time being reduced and more time spent sitting in class, cars, on the couch or the other extreme the professionalizing of youth sports forcing kids to play year round competitive sports and often then specializing in one sport, we seek to keep the joy in moving everyday. 

Is it like an adult gym?

NOT AT ALL.  Just like all sports should be Sonic is developmentally adjusted for teens and kids. We focus on physical literacy giving kids a broad and useful set of movement skills to use in all areas of life.

How do we do it?

Sonic Kids combines the elements of gymnastics  and body weight exercises with cardiovascular bursts such as running, skipping, jumping and much more.  During our classes we use a combination of games, circuits and skill development.   We introduce weights in our middle and high school classes.

We strive to build an active lifestyle at a young age and we ensure that all teens and kids, regardless of their fitness level, are part of the class.

And, by making fitness fun teens and kids want to come back and build healthy habits for life. 


"I started taking my daughter Ainsley to Sonic Kids about 2 months ago. Ainsley is 9, somewhat athletic, and she plays softball and soccer.  However, like most kids, if I don't organize athletic activities (in the winter mostly) she would do little exercise.

Michelle is a great instructor and she likes working with kids and my kids will never get bored and will always have fun."

                                         — Kelly, Sonic parent


How do we do this?

We teach them to squat, push, jump, pick up things, move like a spider and run like the wind. Getting teens and kids doing these things makes them strong, makes them agile, helps them think and builds a confidence in themselves and the things they do. We do this by teaching them new skills and building on those skills in complexity when they are ready. Teens and kids are constantly challenged and make continuous gains using a program tailored to what they are ready for.

At Sonic, everyone supports everyone else. Coaches to kids, kids to kids, no exceptions. Helping build confidence, strength in all aspects of kids lives are what we are all about. Come talk to us and see what we've seen, we are happy to share firsthand.